L04 four-door access control panel

L04 four-door access control panel

L04 four-door access control panel
Product name : L04 four-door access control panel
Item : L04
Details :
1. Support 4 doors--Each door with two readers and one push button interface
2. With door sensor for door
3. Relay output for use with Normally Open and/or Normally Closed type locks.
4. Can Opeate off-line and real-time monitoring.
5. 100,000 events can be stored.(off-line), Can store unlimited events to PC.
6. 40,000 users can be registered.
7. Network communication using TCP/IP 10M/100M adaptive.
8. Expandable to use unlimited number of controllers.

1. Support ACCESS & SQL database.
2. Offline Operation.
3. Real-time Supervision.
4. Photo Display.
5. Mass Storage.
6. Flexible user privilege setup.
7. Remote Unlocking.
8. Multi-user supervision.
9. Simply checking and query
10. Revisable and printable report form.
11. Report can be exported to EXCEL file.
12. Card+password unlocking.
13. Alarm door left open (reauires door sensors)
14. Alarm for invalid card swiping.
15. First card unlocking.
16. Alarm for illegal break in.
17. Unlocking at specified time.
18. Integranted fire control.
19. Anti-passback & anti-tail.
20. Interlocking.( Only available for 2-door controller and 4-door controller)
21. Multi-card unlocking.
22. Emergency double locking.
23. In door population checking.
24. Unlocking based on internal and external validation.
25. Normal shift and multi-shifts time attendance management system.
26. Fixed ration dining management system.
27. Meeting attendance management system.
28. Online Patrol management system
29. Security Alarm management system.

Compared to Old Version TCP/IP panel, New Features as below:
1.WEB management: No need to install software on PC, user also can enter acces control system management platform via IE browser.
2. The Master Card Function: can set master card to add new card, support offline operation.
3. Signal can be shared within LAN
4. User capacity added to 40,000 (twice as large as before)
5. 32bit CPU 
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